We were extremely excited to see that a project we have been keeping under wraps has finally been unveiled to the public via a fantastic article in the Daily Mail last week. We are proud to be working alongside artist David Williams-Ellis to realise his vision for The Normandy Memorial, a huge undertaking to commemorate the 22,442 men and women that sadly lost their lives during the Normandy D-Day beach landings.

Currently we have one soldier in Bronze ready for patination, one being dipped ready for casting and the final piece in our wax shop being worked on by our talented team. Meanwhile the technical challenge of the base construction is being tackled working alongside the architects and engineers for the project, the goal being that the bronze sculpture sits on a mammoth 30 tonne granite piece of stone. It is a huge undertaking especially now with the public eye being cast over the project but we are so proud to be a part of such an important British monument and excited for the unveiling in June 2019.

The Normandy Memorial Trust is looking to raise another £9 million in order to construct the educational and tourist centre as well as the architectural features that will contain every name lost in the conflict. We would encourage you to read the full article below and please contribute to this important cause if possible. Having met some of the veterans that this monument honours we cannot stress just how relevant and important such a monument is to record the sacrifice made by so many.

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